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Four New Christian Films Starring Dean Cain Are Touring Churches.

Before hitting the theaters these four films will be touring churches this summer.

“We want to make these films available to churches first. This is all part of our 2019 Summer Christian Film Tour where actors of these movies are making appearances in churches all over the country!"

JCFilms is offering four newly produced faith-films to be screened at your church this summer for free. Yes, these Christian films have never been seen before.... and the best part, they all star actor Dean Cain. The films include:

The Follower - A comedy depicting a modern day story of Elijah and Elisha.

A Promise to Astrid - A true story about generosity and hope.

The Perfect Day - An action packed 9/11 film about terrorism and vigilance.

John Light - A prison ministry film about redemption and sacrifice.

To schedule please call or text Stephanie Bradley at 618-340-1176 or visit www.JCFILMS.ORG for the compete descriptions of these films.